Above all else, we offer reassurance

Why do trained pilots - after years of flying the same airplane - still use a checklist?
Because chances are they might forget something.
So ask yourself:
› Can you be sure colleagues never overlook a task, regardless of how well they are briefed and prepared?
› Can you assure your customers time and time again that everything has been carried out 100% as agreed?

Probably not.
To err is human but there are ways to get arround that...

             ...introducing Cignos, our e-inspection solution

Cignos provides your colleagues with the tools to assist them in doing a perfect job.

PREPARE: build checklists, link them to your assets and push them to the app
EXECUTE: let them perform remote e-inspections, check manuals, add pictures or chat with your support staff
PROCESS: monitor results, coordinate actions, analyze data and inform your customers

As a one stop shopping mobile inspection solutions provider, Animco offers the total package:

Cignos e-inspection platform

The Cignos e-inspection platform combines a comprehensive yet easy to use app linked to a powerful cloud based back office.

Products & Services

Our product range includes rugged (ATEX certified) tablets,  rugged smartphones, NFC tags and our tag customization service.


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Why Animco e-inspection solutions?

Compared with the traditional pen and paper method, the Animco e-inspection solution offers users a far more quicker way to prepare and execute inspections and to process their results. Any asset, tagged with an Animco NFC tag, can be identified by a smartphone or tablet running the Cignos app. As a result, the appropriate checklist is presented. Field users complete the checklist and the results are sent in real time to the Cignos cloud based back office where the data can be processed and reported to the appropriate internal/external customers.

Gone are the paper notes that went lost or contained undicipherable handwriting. Gone are the days or even weeks waiting for results. Gone are the mismatched checklists. With the Cignos platform you can easily save on resources, speed up the information flow and gain efficiency.

Animco offers a one stop shopping solution, from inplementation of the Cignos platform to NFC tags and rugged smartphones and tablets.

Read the whitepapers to learn how your business can benefit from our solutions.